Miguel Sabido



Miguel Sabido directed his first theater play in 1959, and ever since, he has directed over 30. He wrote his first historic telenovella "La Tormenta"(The Storm) in 1967. It dealt with the French invasion to Mexico. This telenovella became a landmark in world’s television. It was broadcast ten years before “Roots”. He has written six historic telenovellas to date on the Epic Mural of the History of Mexico.

He produced his first professional theater play in 1964. A classic of Spanish literature "El Gran Teatro del Mundo" (The Great Theater of the World) by Calderon de la Barca. It was acclaimed and awarded by the critics to sold out performances. The same phenomenon was repeated with other classics:"La Celestina" by Fernando de Rojas in 1967, "The Miser"by Moliere. Sabido’s masterpiece as a playwright: "A False Chronicle of Joan de Mad", with over 2000 representations, staged in several countries and languages, among them, in English, at La Mamma in New York. He has directed and written for the most outstanding actresses and actors in the Spanish-language show business.

His interest in Mexico and his indigenous background led him to study the Mexican Ritual Popular Theater. He rescued the roots and essence of several traditions, among them, the most important and strong of them La pastorela, A Christmas pagent in which devils and angels fight to gain the sould of humans.

Since 1967, Sabido has systematically studied the concept of the Social and Civilizing Use of Mass Media, both from the theoretical and practical view points.

For 17 years he was “Vice-President for Research” of the Communications Network Televisa, chaired by Emilio Azcarraga Milmo. He performed a unique and extraordinary work there:
The telenovella"Ven conmigo" (Come with me) that lead nearly one million adults to enroll in the National Plan for Adult Education, who went back to Elementary school.
Then, his telenovellas Acompáñame, Caminemos y Vamos juntos, (Come along with me), (Let’s walk together) and (Let’s go together) played a key factor in the so called Mexican demographic miracle taking the birth rate from 3.7 to 2.4. Should that drop hadn’t taken place, instead of the present 100 million people, Mexico would have had 150 million inhabitants.

He designed , directed and produced Channel 9, the only cultural channel in the world sponsored by a private network with of commercial advertisements. This effort lasted for ten years. Sabido’s TV show “Mexico en la Cultura”, a totally cultural show, had ratings comparable to any other commercial show in its time slot.

As Research Vice-President he developed a series of research methods that were unique and a real novelty, such as the “emotional and reptilian research”, based on his research on the tone. Sabido´s Theory of the Tone was published in 2002 by the University of Mexico (UNAM), and it is in the process of being translated into several languages.

Sabido is then, a unique all-encompassing communication professional: producer, scriptwriter, playwright, and director; Theater, radio, television, printed matters and most recently in the Internet. He has received more than 70 domestic and international awards. But he is also a “thinker, philosopher and insighter” on communications. He has put into practice several theories, including his own on the tone, and has designed successful research techniques. He has always been looking for new concepts in the social and civilizing use of the mass media, the social responsibility of the broadcaster, the tonal strategies of the micro, media and macro communication.

His work has been used and recognized all over the world, with outstanding results in countries such as India, the Philippines, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Brazil, China, among others.

The United Nations have awarded him and Population Communication – International (PCI) named him “Savior of the World”. The Entertainment-Education Community and Conference has recognized him as the pioneer in the world.

His most recent success Los jóvenes al teatro (youngsters to theater) has made junior hiigh and high school students attend plays and become the audience of tomorrow's for cultured thater.

In movies, Sabido's Opera Prima, Celestina and the master piece Santo Luzbel received several awards and extraordinary reviews.

Presently, Sabido as the founding President of the IMEC(Mexican Institute for Communication Studies) is providing consultancy on Entertainment Education to several countries of the world.

He is the CEO of Nuevo Sol Productions in Mexico, and Miguel Sabido, Inc. in Houston, Texas, USA